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Episode 16

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Kotori Koiwai

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Amanda C. Miller

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Yoshikuni XI (十一代目吉国) is an anime exclusive character. A descendant of the one who forged Kurikara, she appears in the series in order to repair Rin's broken Demon sword.


She is a girl between the ages of 16 - 17 who has short brown hair, and wears glasses and dresses in a kimono. She is slightly shorter than Izumo and Shiemi.


She seems easygoing and friendly. She is especially nice towards Ryuji, and calls him "Ryu-chan". The two are childhood friends, and she even embarrasses him by mentioning that he was in love with her and asked her to marry him.


Exorcist Candidate Live Combat arc

When Kurikara is broken after Rin's fight with Amaimon in The Forest[1], the group travels to Kyoto to meet with Yoshikuni in the hopes that she can repair it.[2]

She informs them that the blade can be repaired, but the method would require iron infused with spiritual power, a practice unfortunately lost to time. Ryuji suggests using a set of ancient temple nails that were also made by the Yoshikuni family.

After retrieving the nails and confirming that they would work, Yoshikuni sets about repairing Kurikara. However, she is uncertain if it can be repaired a second time and warns Rin about letting it be damaged a second time.[3]

Anime-Exclusive arc

Ryuji later contacts Yoshikuni to look into the weapons being handed out for Operation: Jacob's Ladder. She informs him that they are blood-sucking weapons that drain away the blood of whatever they slay and that they are similar to weapons once wielded by a Transylvanian Count. She suggests not handling such weapons.[4]

She is last seen working at her forge whilst listening to a news report about the events at True Cross Academy. Admitting she wouldn't be of much help, she resolves to stay put and do her best.[5]

Powers & Abilities

She is a very skilled blacksmith, and was able to fix the Demon sword.


  • Her family seems to have a long affiliation with the Myōō Dharani sect, her ancestor having forged the sect's sacred treasure, Kurikara, and eleven generations later, her father and her worked cleaning at the temple.


  • "Even if I went there, I wouldn't be able to help them at all. I have to do what I can do. Gods of Forge, please protect Ryu and his friends."


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