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Yohei is the boy who rescued Izumo Kamiki from nearly drowning. He has a deep respect for his father and, therefore, wants to kill the Demon he believes is responsible for his death.


Yohei is a small child who has blue eyes and short, messy brown hair. He wears a white tank-top with yellow, knee-length shorts and blue flip-flops.


Yohei is a very outspoken child and he often quotes his father, whom he has a lot of respect for. At times he may seem stubborn, or even rude, but he is very kindhearted and always tries to help others.


Yohei lived by the sea with his father until, one day his father set out on the ocean to hunt a Kraken. After several months passed he assumed that his father had been killed by the Kraken and decided that he would avenge his father by defeating the Kraken himself.


True Cross Academy arc

Izumo is “rescued” by a local kid named Yohei when she gets a leg cramp out on the water. Unfortunately, during his attempt to help her, he accidentally gets off on the wrong foot and grabs her breast when trying to help her. Izumo also thought that he was trying to kiss her when he was really trying to give her CPR.

He keeps catching Izumo by surprise with little things he says. Izumo, Rin and Renzo are informed that the next day they are to keep an eye on Yohei to make sure he stays away from a Kraken that is lurking out in the sea. He wants to defeat it since his dad disappeared months ago while hunting it down himself so it is now his enemy. Eventually the giant squid shows up. Yohei goes out in a boat to fight it and Rin has to go out and help him since he’s quickly losing the battle, and then out of nowhere Yohei’s father returns.


  • (To Rin Okumura ) "My dad said a man should always walk straight."

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