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Byako Two
White Fox

白狐 (ビャッコ)



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A White Fox (白狐 (ビャッコ)  Byakko) is a low- to high-ranked type of Demon. They are servants of Uka-no-Mitama (宇迦之御魂神 (ウカノミタマノカミ)  Uka-no-mitama-no-kami), a deity of food and agriculture.


White Foxes are a type of Demon that possess beasts and co-exist with humans as "divine" servants.[1] They often appear as large white foxes with markings on their foreheads and often some form of clothing, but can come in a variety of shapes and forms.[2]

White Foxes appear to be very proud, even willing to turn against those they've been raised with if they sense weakness.[3] However, they can be persuaded to help if offered tributes of rice.[4]

Powers and Abilities

Transformation: The primary power of White Foxes appears to lie in their ability to transform. Using various shapes and forms, they can attack their target in a number of ways.[5][6]

Spirit & Light Attributes: While not expanded on, the White Foxes' attributes as demons make them effective for combating Necrophageous Demons.[7]


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