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Chapter 55: Like Siblings, Review

Wrath022 March 15, 2014 User blog:Wrath022

Okey-doke, so this chapter was fairly decent in content. With that, let's start with the cover.

Cover 55

My friend Kuro got me the Jump cover. It's very clean ;)

So the cover is the feet of a Zombie. How cute. I kinda wanted to puke. ( ._.) ...Anyway, the chapter starts off where the last one left off. So the group sees the failed experiment and after a few bullets and some questions, we find out that it's a Zombie and not a ghoul, and that the difference is that Zombie's are actually still alive, meaning they're 100% human. Although, I wouldn't really consider something that's aggressive and wants to eat my face human, the point remains that Rin is being a little bitch about the situation and doesn't want to hurt them. Rather, he wants to save them by exorcising the demons out of their skin, but Yukio tells him that no human has ever recovered from having the demons exorcised, so it's kinder just to kill them. Wow, way to go Yukio. You just gave Rin some of the wisest words he'll ever hear. It's kinder just to put them to rest. Woot for you. +1

Anyway, more Zombies show up and they find out that the one they "killed" never actually died, but rather it cannot be killed by conventional means, which basically means Rin is the only one who can save them as they are infused with the Elixir of Life, meaning they can simply recover from their injuries. Before long though, the group is caught in Pedo-in's trap and falls through to the Zombie feeding chambers, getting split up as such a thing occurs.

Okay, so now we see Izumo and Renzo. Izumo tries to be a heroine and tells her foxes to run away and tries to attack Renzo all by herself, but all she does is give him a glimpse of her pussy and basically let him touch it, so +1 for Renzo too. Anyway, the foxes don't necessarily take too kindly to Renzo half-fingering Izumo and try to attack him, but he, without really a second thought, kills them both. That was kinda the high point for the chapter with me, because for the first time in this series, we just saw actual death. These aren't like fodder demons or anything, these are, as Izumo puts it, her siblings. Anyway, Izumo is on the road to an emotional breakdown because of this, but Renzo just smiles at her and tells her that he's "sorry". Lol wow, what a dick. After the fact, he just admits to Lund and Strom that he's a glory hog and passes out.

At the same time LUCIFER WAKES UP!! ;lakshg;alksehtaw;elkthakldvnao Lucifer!! He looks supah sexy without his mask, and he's completely healed! Shit's about to go down! >:D Anyway, that Todo-lookalike lady gets off the phone with Lucifer and tells Pedo-in to: 1) stop calling him "Lucifer" and start calling him "Commander" on the grounds that he's being disrespectful by using his name 2) get his shit together because he not only let Izumo escape, he purposely gave a bunch of intruders a way into the fucking Illuminati headquarters. Lol, in hindsight, that was a really dumb move. Anyway, he gets butthurt about this and basically swears revenge on her for ordering him around. I'm betting this stems from sexism, cuz so far he's treated women like shit. ( ._.)

Okay, so the chapter basically ends with Rin winding up in his feeding chamber and hearing a bunch of Zombies around him. He then remembers Renzo's words about having to have to kill humans in order to survive, and he starts to go into panic mode.

Like I said above, pretty decent content. My ratings this month are:

Review Scores
Category Rating Rogue Clear
Art Full StarFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngEmpty Star.png
Story Full StarFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngEmpty Star.pngEmpty Star.png
Fight Full StarFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngEmpty Star.pngEmpty Star.pngEmpty Star.png
Overall Chapter Full StarFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngFull Star.pngEmpty Star.pngEmpty Star.png

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