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Cover 53

Mephisto, why are you #8? D:

So for the cover, we get a popularity poll, which is cool...except that I hate Yukio. I was expecting Amaimon or Rin to be #1, and even though I wasn't too far off in general, I was pretty far off in number...whatever; fuck that four-eyes. ( -__-) Anyhow, so in case you can't see, the order goes, from #1-#10: Yukio Okumura --> Amaimon --> Rin Okumura --> Renzō Shima --> Arthur Auguste Angel --> Izumo Kamiki (my favorite female in this series ^_^) --> Ryūji Suguro --> Mephisto Pheles (sadness at being #8...) --> Kinzō Shima (who only appeared a couple times and yet remains extremely popular) --> and then finally Shiemi Moriyama, the most oblivious woman in a series that I've ever read next to Kosaki Onadera.

So the chapter itself was relatively short for a monthly, but it had good content so idc. =D So we find out how Tamamo was captured, which was by tranquilizer and a net. Izumo is then scared by Maria Yoshida, the Shiemi-look-alike, to come to the Illuminati's base to escape the True Cross Order, who she plays off as being evil...which isn't really too far off from the truth. So they're all eventually brought to the base and Tamamo is experimented upon to the point where death is actually considered to be preferable. Gedōin is...creepy. It's at this point that Mike stops telling the story and Rin has a typical shōnen protagonist moment: he says that he didn't understand the whole story, but if they save Izumo, then they win. Reminded me of Natsu Dragneel... Well, after the all head off, Mike thinks to himself that he hasn't really told them the whole story and we get to finish it from his thoughts.

Anyway, so Izumo is there for awhile before Maria shows up in her room one day and reveals that she smuggled Tsukumo out and had her adopted so she wouldn't be experimented on, as Tamamo's body is failing. Izumo doesn't trust Maria and wants her to leave the door open when she leaves, which she does, thinking that Izumo is going to be a good girl...what a stupid bitch. >____> So Izumo runs out, but she's captured and brought to Gedōin's lab where she sees Maria, who kinda freaks out because Izumo broke her promise. So Gedōin then proceeds to basically beat the shit out of Maria and degrade her by making her say the Illuminati's oath. After lying that he'll forgive her in Lucifer's place, he injects her with an elixir that will either make her immortal or kill her. Guess what happens? Yeah, she dies upon being injected and Gedōin reveals to Izumo that he's using her mother to create an "Elixir of Life", which really translates to Philosopher's Stone if you want to draw connections from various other series that utilize this concept. So Pedo-in (that's Gedōin's name from now on) goes up to Izumo and harasses her about the Divine Summoning dance and how he'll force-possess the Nine-Tails into her. She freaks and he then blackmails her about Tsukumo's safety, which causes Izumo to basically cave. At this point she adopts the personality we see her with, the one that doesn't trust people. Crying, she then promises that she's going to kill them all in their sleep and gives into his demands.

Now we're back to the present again with the real Izumo. Renzō comes into her room and tells her that her physical examination needs to be conducted; he gets the most anguished gaze back, which kinda shakes him a little. The chapter ends with Izumo holding onto the charm she gave to Tsukumo when they were we wait for next month! :D

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