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  • Wrath022

    Late Wrath is late! :D I've been super duper busy, so let's get this shit on the road! \( ^_______^)/

    Cover is the feeding chambers. Nothing important; moving on~!

    So, basically, the chapter is split into 3 parts: Panic, Sexiness and Jealousy.

    I'll make this quick:


    All of the infiltration team, except Shiemi, wakes up in their respective feeding chambers and freak the fuck out.


    The deliciously sexy Lucifer summons all his followers, tells them that they're doing an awesome as shyt job, and then orders that Rin be returned to Mephisto instead of being killed or captured, as Satan will probably destroy them all if they do either of the latter options. Pedo-in freaks out on the Todo-lookalike when she tells him off for thinking …

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  • Wrath022

    Okey-doke, so this chapter was fairly decent in content. With that, let's start with the cover.

    So the cover is the feet of a Zombie. How cute. I kinda wanted to puke. ( ._.) ...Anyway, the chapter starts off where the last one left off. So the group sees the failed experiment and after a few bullets and some questions, we find out that it's a Zombie and not a ghoul, and that the difference is that Zombie's are actually still alive, meaning they're 100% human. Although, I wouldn't really consider something that's aggressive and wants to eat my face human, the point remains that Rin is being a little bitch about the situation and doesn't want to hurt them. Rather, he wants to save them by exorcising the demons out of their skin, but Yukio te…

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  • Wrath022

    Sorry this was late. I've been waiting for the official English title (if anyone has Jump Alpha, that'd be great), but whatever. If I get the title I'll rename the blog. Anyway, onto the review!

    So the cover is a nice two-page spread of everyone with relevance. We have Pedo-in, who looks really creepy, Rin, Faggot Yukio, Neko, Ryuji, Izumo, Renzo the Traitor, a semi-recognizable Tamamo, that Illuminati lady with no name who has a role in the plot, and Lund and Strom. Overall, a nice cover, pretty good followup from the character poll. I expect a black and white splash next month, personally.

    Okay, so basically what happens is Izumo is led to her physical examination, but when she sees Pedo-in she freaks the fuck out, summons her foxes and ge…

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  • Wrath022

    Okay, so...since nobody does this, I'll do it even though the wiki is...kinda dead. ( .___.) Anyway, on to the review~!

    So for the cover, we get a popularity poll, which is cool...except that I hate Yukio. I was expecting Amaimon or Rin to be #1, and even though I wasn't too far off in general, I was pretty far off in number...whatever; fuck that four-eyes. ( -__-) Anyhow, so in case you can't see, the order goes, from #1-#10: Yukio Okumura --> Amaimon --> Rin Okumura --> Renzō Shima --> Arthur Auguste Angel --> Izumo Kamiki (my favorite female in this series ^_^) --> Ryūji Suguro --> Mephisto Pheles (sadness at being #8...) --> Kinzō Shima (who only appeared a couple times and yet remains extremely popular) --> and then finally Shiemi Moriy…

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