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what i look like

Ok so this is going to be short but this is to give you an image of what i look like

Hair: Dark Brown (short)

Eyes: Between Light and Dark Blue (mostly Dark Blue)

Glasses: Yes (i also wear contacts somtime)

Moles: 1 (about half and inch away at the end of my right eye)

Clothes: working- Exorcist uniform

          not working- Normaly a white T and tan shorts

Accessories: I have a silver ear ring on my right ear only and I alwas working or not have a gun on the inside of my pants or poket also i alwas have my sourd with me.

Also i have a fimiliar he's a suger glider and his name is Line. (he alwas hides in my pants poket and somtimes pokes his lil head out (he has a rely cute and loveable personality) why i named him line is because he has this huge strip on his back.

My Personality: Funny, an odd ball, weird, (like Yukio i get girls somtimes.)(him all the time), also im frendly, and caring. (dont piss me off i can get mad)

kk have any Q's about me or my bros just ask kk :)

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