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A lil about me

Hi so im Mike Okumura as you can see by my name im Rin and Yukio's brother. Im the yongest but im as tall as Yukio who is a lil taller then Rin. Like both of them im a half demon so obviosly im also a son of Satin.

Now you would think i have known my brothers my hole life but no, i was rased by Miphisto for a few years till i was 5, then went on to find a new family (yes i knew about Amaimon) i loved Mephisto like a father (not realy much as a brother) but he was barly there so he agreed i could go to a new family.

Its when i was 6 years old 9 days after my birthday i meet Rin and Yukio, I always got a picture of them every 6 months, so i know what they looked like. Rin was in one of his fights again but its because Yukio was being bulled. I was so happy to finnly got to meet them.

What i did is i walked over and ask them to make sure that it was them and they said of course there awnser was yes. Next thing i know Shiro came up and pated me on the head because well he already knew who i was (Mephist send him pictures of me once every 6 months). He told Rin and Yukio who i was, and Rin well he was kinda confused on this hole subject but Yukio was veary happy with having another brother i guess.

Well anyway i have to go ppl ill talk about this so more somtime im going to go practice with Rin and Yukio. if you have any Q's just ask i dont mind bye bye :)

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