Mike Okumura

aka Mike

  • I live in right know at true cross academy
  • I was born on December 27
  • I am Male
  • Mike Okumura

    My Brothers and I went for oviasly a veary long trip i didnt have the greatest internect conection i could go and cheak up on stuff like my E-Mail but i couldent do much of anything els sooo sorry

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  • Mike Okumura

    what i look like

    February 9, 2012 by Mike Okumura

    Ok so this is going to be short but this is to give you an image of what i look like

    Hair: Dark Brown (short)

    Eyes: Between Light and Dark Blue (mostly Dark Blue)

    Glasses: Yes (i also wear contacts somtime)

    Moles: 1 (about half and inch away at the end of my right eye)

    Clothes: working- Exorcist uniform

    not working- Normaly a white T and tan shorts

    Accessories: I have a silver ear ring on my right ear only and I alwas working or not have a gun on the inside of my pants or poket also i alwas have my sourd with me.

    Also i have a fimiliar he's a suger glider and his name is Line. (he alwas hides in my pants poket and somtimes pokes his lil head out (he has a rely cute and loveable personality) why i named him line is because he has this huge strip on…

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  • Mike Okumura

    A lil about me

    February 7, 2012 by Mike Okumura

    Hi so im Mike Okumura as you can see by my name im Rin and Yukio's brother. Im the yongest but im as tall as Yukio who is a lil taller then Rin. Like both of them im a half demon so obviosly im also a son of Satin.

    Now you would think i have known my brothers my hole life but no, i was rased by Miphisto for a few years till i was 5, then went on to find a new family (yes i knew about Amaimon) i loved Mephisto like a father (not realy much as a brother) but he was barly there so he agreed i could go to a new family.

    Its when i was 6 years old 9 days after my birthday i meet Rin and Yukio, I always got a picture of them every 6 months, so i know what they looked like. Rin was in one of his fights again but its because Yukio was being bulled. I…

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