It's come to my attention of late that, while the wiki is in need of images, some might not be aware of how to handle those, so here are some guidelines on uploading images.

When uploading, try to ensure that -

1. The image is from a canon source or material, no fan art or excessively edited images.

2. That it has an appropriate title pertaining to its content.

3. That the image is in .png format. This is easily done by saving the image, opening it in paint and saving it again as .png.

4. That when the image is uploaded, it is marked as being used under fair use policy according to U.S. Law.

5. Try to avoid fan translated images. If you can't, at least edit out what text you can and relevant watermarks. We're not here to steal other people's work, just to inform the fandom.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion about uploading images, there is more info Okay, apparently we don't actually have an image policy, what the hell? I'll write one later I suppose.

~ Hawkeye

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