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  • Hawkeye2701

    I'M BACK!

    May 11, 2018 by Hawkeye2701

    After a absense caused largely by depression, I have returned. I greatly apologise for not being here for everyone, but I have returned and intend to spend the near future getting caught up on everything I need to do and get cleared of backlog projects. I've already overhauled Egyn's page, if there's anything outstanding anyone wants to alert me to, let me know. For now, PACE!

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  • Hawkeye2701

    I plan to translate the entire game, but I can't lie, it takes forever since I don't actually speak/write Japanese this is a sort of trial and error version done using Google translate and my best judgement on what comes out. Anyway, here's the prologue.

    Chapter 迷宮の鍵 Chapter Key of the Labyrinth

    Scene プロローグ “Prologue”

    Box 1

    合わせ鏡のように存在するニつの次元 人間の住む 『』、悪魔の住む 『』。

    An alternate world existing like a mirror. Assiah, inhabited by human beings, Gehenna where demons reside.

    Box 2

    本来は干涉し得ないニつの次元だが 悪魔はあらゆる物質に憑依し、人間を脅かしてきた。

    It's a two dimensional divide that can not be removed The demons possessed all kinds of substances and threatened humans.

    Box 3



    However, we also accumulate special training in humans and purify demons Exorcis…

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  • Hawkeye2701


    January 14, 2017 by Hawkeye2701

    Alright, gonna keep this short, who changed the text settings on article titles?

    It's cool and all, but it's also nearly illegible. People have to be able to clearly read the article titles and the fancy font does not help that. So please, whoever did it, come forward and let me know.

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  • Hawkeye2701

    It's come to my attention of late that, while the wiki is in need of images, some might not be aware of how to handle those, so here are some guidelines on uploading images.

    When uploading, try to ensure that -

    1. The image is from a canon source or material, no fan art or excessively edited images.

    2. That it has an appropriate title pertaining to its content.

    3. That the image is in .png format. This is easily done by saving the image, opening it in paint and saving it again as .png.

    4. That when the image is uploaded, it is marked as being used under fair use policy according to U.S. Law.

    5. Try to avoid fan translated images. If you can't, at least edit out what text you can and relevant watermarks. We're not here to steal other people's wor…

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  • Hawkeye2701

    Okay, since it seems I may soon be taking over as an Admin, I feel the need to help others in getting the wiki up to form. As such, I'll be making some guides just to give newer editors some guidelines in making articles. In these cases, I mean more about when it's appropriate to make an article and the type of information to include, not presentation or formatting, as I think we already have guides for that hanging about.

    Now then, when making an Item article, try to ask the following questions.

    1. Is this an item easily found/understood in the real world?

    Yes: Then does it have some trait/ability or has it played a unique role that makes it different from what you would normally expect of said item? In the case of plants, this would be thei…

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