So with chapter 33 the impure king arc finally ended. It was an interesting arc but we still dont know what was Saburōta Tōdō's real intention in releasing the Impure King. I didn't really understand the reason behond it but I really hope that we will find out in future chapters.

At the end of the chapter it looks like we are going back to Rin's memories. He accepted the truth of being Satan's son. Maybe at the beginning of chapter 34, it will start off with a flashback.

Some of the things that I want more in this manga are:

  1. More kings of Gehenna should show up. Amaimon king of earth, and the other ones. I also wonder if there are more princes of Gehenna?? Rin, Mephisto and Amaimon seem to be Satan's sons but are there more?? In the last episode of the anime, we see Takara talking to himself which was very unusual. From that I suspect that he also may be a son of Satan, spying on the others. (Just my quesses)
  2. I would like a new character to appear and join our group of heros. Yes there were a lot of new characters in this arc but I would like someone to join the Exwires and be one of the "main characters".
  3. Where is Satan?? In the beginning of the manga, I thought that there would be more demons attacking the school because Rin is there but I guess not.

Yeah, so these are some of my expectacions. What do you guys want to happen in the new arc? DSM144 17:45, March 1, 2012 (UTC)

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