Ao no Exorcist Dress up
Yes, you read it right, the Ao no Exorcist Wiki is holding its first community contest! It's a contest where every user of Wikia can join and where only one winner is picked by the wikis admins: me, DSM144 and MachiKonjo.

This contest is simple: write the best summary of chapter 30, Fateful Occurrence. Make a blog post with the title: "Chapter contest entry" and write your summary of that chapter in that blog. The writer of the best summary will be the winner of the contest and will have its name on the main page, community messages and is a allowed the winner badge on his profile.

If you wish to enter this contest (users only), leave a comment on this blog saying you'll enter. All entries must be written by January 15th, the admins will go over every entry and then decide who has won the contest.

Good luck and bring out your writers heart!

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