By the way, I you haven't noticed yet, DSM144 made me an admin just a short wile ago. Any questions about the wiki can be asked to me or DSM144 (of course). I hope I can be active for a long time, because what I hate the most about some wiki's, is that its admins aren't or weren't active at all! Well, that won't happen here! I've seen wiki's where the founder made a couple of edits, saw an other contributor and made him admin... It's like, I don't want it anymore, you're in charge now, take care, kthnxbai. And of course, that contributor was just a bypasser and does nothing with the wiki. I hate that!

Anyway... I've strayed off the subject here... Euhm, nice to meet you all I guess. And beware! For I will be looking out for vandalism and I'm not afraid to swing my rollback-hammer!! Happy editing... (if you dare!) MUHAHAHAHA!!

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