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The Garden of Amahara

Ep 4 title




Amahara no Niwa

Air Date

May 8, 2011



Opening Song

Core Pride

Ending Song

Take Off

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The Garden of Amahara is the fourth episode of the Ao no Exorcist anime. It first aired on May 8, 2011.


Yukio sets off to the school's Exorcist-only shop to stock on some supplies along with Rin, where they find that the owner's daughter, Shiemi Moriyama, is being afflicted by a Dökkálfr Demon that dwells at her family's garden. To save her life the Okumura brothers confront it by themselves.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Manga & Anime Differences


  • The Manga Rin is reading at the beginning of the episode is an earlier work by Kazue Katō called "Astronerd".


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