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August 7, 2011



Opening Song

In My World

Ending Song

Wired Life

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Temptation is the seventeenth episode of the Ao no Exorcist anime. It first aired on August 7, 2011.


Easily breaking through all defenses, Amaimon reaches the room where Rin is being held and Mephisto convinces the Grigori to agree with his plan. Using the reforged Demon-Slaying Blade brought by his classmates, Rin slays Amaimon and the Grigori decides that he has six months to pass the Exorcist authorization exam, thus he begins a special training to learn to control his flames. Despite the fact they helped Rin by having his sword fixed, some of his classmates still have mixed feelings about him after learning of his connection with Satan, the most forward of them being Konekomaru, who is approached by a dark presence attracted by his fear.

Characters In Order of Appearance

Manga & Anime Differences

  • The battle with Amaimon inside the Vatican does not take place in the Manga.
  • Mephisto explaining to the teachers how to proceed regarding Rin also takes place only in the anime, though in the manga where Yunokawa mentions that same reunion. It happens in the beginning of his class, after Yukio takes Rin from the classroom.
  • In the Manga, the class is not capturing Coal Tars, but instead having a class. The majority of the class is still in the hospital, and Rin is taken from the class as mentioned above.
    • The scene where Rin saves Shiemi comes from Chapter 17, with some changes. In the manga, the Exwires are being punished with Bariyons again, due to waking up Shura during a train travel. The Bariyons lose control, with Shiemi's Bariyon crushing her before Rin destroys it with his flame, leading to Ryuji interrupting him like in the episode.
  • The Demon that contacts Konekomaru Miwa does not appear in the Manga.


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