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A Tamer Meister

A Tamer is a type of Meister. Tamers use summoned demons, known as familiars, to combat their foes.

Summary Edit

To summon a familiar, the Tamer needs a Magic Circle, a small sample of their own blood as an offering, and an appropriate verbal appeal. Magic Circles can be drawn on any surface with any substance (e.g. chalk, ink), and each circle is unique for each demon. Once the appropriate Magic Circle is formed, the exorcist will dribble a small blood offering onto the circle, followed by a verbal appeal to summon the demon. Notably, there are an incredibly small amount of humans who have the potential to become a Tamer. One needs both incredible natural talent and a high level of spiritual fortitude and confidence to not only summon, but also control their partners. If a familiar senses that their summoner is weak or lacks conviction, they will turn on the Tamer and attack them. To prevent this, the destruction of the magic circle will reverse the summon.

List of known TamersEdit

Ep7 ,4

Kamiki with her familiars

List of Exorcists with a Familiar, but not a Tamer MeisterEdit

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