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A Tamer Meister
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Tamer is one of the 5 Meister types an Exorcist can excel in.

Tamers use Demons, known as familiars, to fight for them. To summon a familiar, the summoner needs a Magic Circle, their blood, and an appropriate appeal. As stated by Upper Class Tamer Igor Neuhaus, there are an incredibly small amount of humans who can summon Demons and make them their familiar. To tame Demons, one needs both natural talent and a high level of spirit fortitude (displayed as confidence in one's self, as well as a lack of fear). If a familiar senses that their summoner is lacking in spiritual fortitude, the summoned familiar will turn against the Tamer and attack them. To prevent this, the destruction of the magic circle will reverse the summon.

List of known TamersEdit

Ep7 ,4
Kamiki with her familiars
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List of Exorcists with a Familiar, but not a Meister in TamerEdit

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