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氣精 (シルフ)



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Air Manipulation

Kin Azazel
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Sylphs (氣精 (シルフ)  Shirufu) are a class of Demon related to the King of Spirits, Azazel.


Sylphs are demons of air. Appearing as small females with wing like arms, they can be invoked by producing elements they like, such as fire or water.[1]

While normally Sylphs, like Naiads and other elementals, do not possess fatal verses, Lewin Light somehow developed one consisting of a single word 'Mortem' ( (モーテム)  Mōtemu), the Latin word meaning 'death'.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Air Manipulation: Syplhs possess the ability to manipulate air currents, able to replace the stagnant air in a room with fresh, clean air in a matter of moments.[3]

Cutting: While not entirely clear how, Sylphs can cut people by passing them quickly. While painful, it does not seem to cause much damage over all, appearing akin to a paper cut or similar injury.



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