Soji Inami
Soji Inami

Inami Souji






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Head Priest

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Tamamo Kamiki (Lover; deceased)
Izumo Kamiki (Daughter)
Tsukumo Kamiki (Daughter)

Manga Debut

Chapter 52

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Soji Inami was the former head priest of the Inari Shrine and father to Izumo and Tsukumo Kamiki.


Soji was an average looking man with short black hair that wore traditional style clothing.


Soji was a man with some dedication to his work, making a deal with an Illuminati cover organization in order to develop Inari for tourism and ensure the region's future.[1]

He didn't seem to have a strong attachment to either Tamamo, or his children, having not seen his lover for quite some time, and never having met his children.[2][3] He even went so far as to tell Tamamo he had no interest in seeing her again if she continued asking him to meet the children.[4]


Illuminati Arc

Soji is only seen during the Illuminati arc when Nemu Takara invokes Izumo's familiar, Miketsu through a puppet, and the demon recalls the history of Izumo and the surrounding area.[5]

He reveals to them that Soji was the head of the Inami clan, a family of priests who interbred with demons, creating the branch family, the Kamiki. The Kamiki possessed divine power and the ability to invoke demons, so when the Life-Taking Stone was damaged, unleashing the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit, the family was severed from the main clan to become mediums with the duty of suppressing the creature.[6] This led to tensions when Soji, the head priest of the main family, had children with Tamamo, leaving their daughters ostracized by the members of the Inami.[7]

Later, after Soji refused to meet the children, Tamamo became unstable, allowing the Nine Tailed Fox to possess her. Feeding on her instability, the demon killed Soji and many members of the Inari shrine.[8]


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