Catnip wine

A jug of Catnip Wine

Silver Vine Sake (木天蓼酒 Matatabi Sake) is a concoction that Shiro Fujimoto offered to Kuro to help tame him. A batch was hidden in a Holy Water Grenade to be used in an emergency if Fujimoto was killed.

It is mistaken to be poison, until Kuro smells it, recognizing it from when Fujimoto offered it to him. [1]

There also exists an Izumo Special Catnip Wine created by Izumo Kamiki. Made with children's beer, non-alcoholic champagne and fish flakes. While it was supposed to be left for three to six months, she left it to mature for only three days. It caused Kuro to faint after barely tasting it.[2]


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