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Shura Kirigakure

霧隠 シュラ


Kirigakure Shura






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August 8th

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True Cross Academy

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Upper First Class Exorcist



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Chapter 2 (as Yamada)
Chapter 9 (as herself)

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Episode 3 (as Yamada)
Episode 12 (as herself)

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Rina Satō

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Wendee Lee

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Shura Kirigakure (霧隠 シュラ Kirigakure Shura) is an Upper-First class Exorcist and Rin Okumura's mentor. She trained under the guidance of Shiro Fujimoto to obtain the title Meister as a Knight. She officially works as an Inspector for the Vatican, but has infiltrated True Cross Academy, first as a student under the name Yamada, and later as a teacher for the Exwires.


Ao no Exorcist - 13 - Large 20


Shura has long hot pink hair with yellow ends that resemble flames, green eyes (pink in the anime), a curvaceous figure with large breasts which Rin considers larger than Shiemi's and marking on her chest and abdomen which act as seals for various items. She is usually seen wearing a very revealing bikini top, along with shorts and sometimes with stockings as the bottom part of her outfit or also wearing a denim jacket. After she is assigned to become a teacher at the Exorcist Cram School, Shura starts wearing an unbuttoned school jacket and a tie. She also carries a license that states her name and position, as well as a key with coat of arms on it, which symbolizes her position.


Shura drunk(1)

Shura when she is drunk

Shura has a rather laid-back personality and uses slang; using yer instead of your or you're. She is also noted to be rather blunt, speaking freely about sensitive topics, as well as not being hesitant in pointing out others' flaws. Even with her superiors, she is not afraid to challenge them, which on a few occasions resulted in a physical conflict.

Like Rin, she often slacks off, and would rather drink and let others do work. However, when needed, Shura can be serious and focused, as seen when she duels Amaimon and being able to depict the fact that Rin's flames take over him because of his fear. She is also fiercely loyal to Father Fujimoto, despite denying his ways. Insulting or playing around with Shura can lead to being punished. When disguised as Yamada she appeared to be a game freak.

Shura is currently hiding her true age by stating to everyone that she is 18, when Yukio has alluded to the fact that she is 26.


Young shura

Shura as a child.

Seventeen years before the start of the series, Shiro Fujimoto saved a young Shura from a path of evil, and took her as his apprentice.[3]

She eventually earned the title Meister as both a Knight and a Doctor sometime within five years before the start of the series. Early in Rin's life, Shiro requested in their last meeting that if he were to die, she should teach Rin to wield the Demon slaying sword Kurikara, saying that no one knew more about Demon swords than she did. She stubbornly refused, lashing out that he was throwing away his life for the son of Satan. 


True Cross Academy arcEdit

Yamada disguise

Shura disguised as Yamada.

Shura first appears disguised as a young man named Yamada, an Exwire of True Cross Academy. Yamada didn't get along with the others, due to the fact that he kept his face hidden under a hoodie and always concerned with playing his PSP.

Shura was disguised due to the fact that she was an inspector for the Vatican and needed to learn more about Rin to determine if he had inherited Satan's powers or not. She then reveals her true identity while saving Rin from Amaimon.[4]

Shura saves Rin

Shura saves Rin from Amaimon

Shura then takes Rin to the Japanese Branch Basement, which is located beneath the True Cross Academy. They meet Mephisto Pheles and Shura questions him about not letting the Vatican know about Satan's son. They then get permission to enter a interrogation room and inside, Shura reveals her past to Rin. While Rin is bewildered at the fact the Shura was once his father's student, Shura fakes an injury and grabs off Rin's Kōmaken. A brief battle ensues, ending with Shura remembering that her mentor stated that she would find Rin humorous. She then decides to keep Rin alive, because of his dream to become a top-ranking Exorcist.

Eventually, she becomes a teacher for the exorcism cram school to teach magic seals, circles, and swordsmanship.

Training Camp arcEdit

When summer begins, Shura accompanies Yukio and the class for training camp. Before the mission begins, she warns Rin not to use his flames or she will report. Eventually, Yukio and Shura see a blue light where Rin used his flames. Shura states she won't report him as she was assigned as his tutor to use the Kōmaken. She also spots Amaimon and Mephisto up to something.

When the mission is complete, they are attacked by Amaimon where Shura uses seals to hold him off. However, Shiemi has a parasite controlling her so Shura gives Rin the Kurikara to save her. She holds off Amaimon's Behemoth when the other students come to Rin and Shiemi's aid. Eventually, Rin fights Amaimon exposing his true form but loses control and starts a forest fire. Shura gets the group out of the forest.

Ao no Exorcist - 16 - Large 30

Shura at the trial

Carrying on from the fight with Amaimon in the forest, Rin escapes in his enraged form where he is confronted by Shura and Yukio who attempt to subjugate him until Shiemi manages to calm him down. Rin eventually falls unconscious as his fatigue overruns his overwhelming power. Suddenly, the newly appointed Paladin Arthur A. Angel appears with the intent on killing Rin, who is recognized as "Satan's spawn". With the introduction of the new Paladin, Shura already verbally attacks Angel, therefore hinting that the two had never got along and have dark experiences with each other. Eventually, Shura manages to stops Angel but is easily apprehended, until an incoming call informs Angel that the Grigori have put Mephisto on trial, and Shura is needed as a witness.

Impure King Revival arcEdit

During the Kyoto mission, she continued training Rin to light the two ends of the three candles which he succeed. Shura suppressed Rin when he lost it, when Ryuji would not apologize to his (Ryuji's) father. In prison, she willingly gave Rin his sword even though it would mean she broke the contract. When Rin couldn't unsheathe Kurikara, she said he must have lost his confidence. Mephisto showed up to announce that Rin is put on death sentence because the imprisonment spell was used and locked him in the "strongest prison". She was infuriated, but could do nothing about it. Later, she asked his friends to help Rin escape because Ryuji's father said that Rin is the only one that can defeat the Impure King. After this, she went to lead to squads to battle.

Terror of the Kraken arcEdit

True Cross Academy Festival arcEdit

Illuminati arcEdit

Current EventsEdit

Powers & Abilities Edit


Shura's sword

Ao no Exorcist - 13 - Large 13

Shura summons her sword


Shura is a powerful Exorcist, noted to be an excellent wielder of the sword. She fights using Kirigakure Ryū - Makengi(Hidden Mist Style - Demon Blade Technique). As she was chosen to be the apprentice of Father Shiro Fujimoto when she was child, it can be assumed that she had a great deal of potential already back then. Shura keeps a Demon sword in a symbol above her chest that she can summon when she says, "Devour the eight Princesses, slay the Serpent."


Shura is also noted to have a Meister in the Doctor class, but she states that she is not a conventional doctor. It is unknown what she means by this.[5]

Miscellaneous SkillsEdit

Shura has some talent in sealing, as she was able to seal Rin's Demon stage by chanting. Additionally, she is able to seal both Rin's Komaken and her own blade in her abdomen and chest, respectively. Likewise, she can also use high-level barrier techniques in conjunction with her familiar that could prevent one of the Demon Kings, Amaimon, from breaching it.

Dabō (Serpent Fang)Edit


Serpent Fang

Dabō (lit. Serpent Fang): Shura launch projectiles made of air slices at the opponent.

Gara Gara (Absolute Emptiness)Edit


Absolute Emptiness

Gara Gara (lit. Absolute Emptiness): This technique causes the enemy to lose its demonic power, as used against Rin in the Great Cell. When the snakes pass over the enemy, the enemy loses its demonic power and traits like regeneration.

Kirigakure Ryū-Makengi - HebiransuEdit

Kirigakure Ryuu-Makengi - Snake lance

Snake Lance

Hebiransu (lit. Snake Lance): This technique transforms Shura's Demon sword into a longer form with a wavy edge, much like the curves of a snake. In addition, the area near the tip of the blade gains an eye. This technique requires blood to be spread along the blade of the sword.

Familiar spiritEdit

Ao no Exorcist - 18 - Large 14

Shura's snake familiar

Shura was seen to be able to summon a familiar that resembled a snake. It can apparently locate people, as he was able to find Michelle Neuhaus in Shiemi's secret garden. Shura gave a seal that glows red when near the familiar to Rin when they are trying to find Michelle.

Another Snake familiar spirit was shown in the manga, instead it had heart markings and was capable of speech. It was used in the Kyoto Arc to assist Yukio Okumura and the Exorcists in the tracking of Saburota Todo and the Left Eye of the Impure King.

Aria Abilities Edit

Shura is capable of suppressing Demons effectively by chanting mantras such as the 'Rokuji Myouou' which she uses to calm down Rin when he gets enraged during the Impure King incident.


  • Though being an Exorcist affiliated with the Vatican, she states the she never once prayed to God.
  • Her pastimes and talents are foot massages, hot stone spas, and bothering animals.
  • She gets 8 hours of sleep on average.
  • Her favorite genre of manga is romance.
  • Her favorite type of guy is strong and collected.
  • She is a descendant of the female ninja clan, Kirigakure.



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