Shiemi's grandmother
Shiemi's Grandmother



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Exorcist Shop

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Shiemi's Mother (Daughter)
Shiemi Moriyama (Granddaughter)

Manga Debut

Chapter 3

Anime Debut

Episode 4

Japanese Voice

Yoshiko Matsuo

English Voice

Philece Sampler

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Shiemi's Grandmother was a gardener at the Exorcist Shop, located on the campus of the True Cross Academy.


Shiemi's Grandmother had light gray hair, which she often wore in a bun, some pieces would fall in front of her face and a section of it was curled on the left side her head, with a black ribbon tied around it. She had some wrinkles on her face around her eyes and mouth, and even some on her forehead. She was a short woman, barely the same height as her granddaughter.She usually wore a yellow kimono with a green sash and a white apron, to keep her clothes clean while working in her garden; on colder or rainy days she would also wear a brown coat over her kimono.[1][2]


Shiemi's Grandmother was very knowledgeable about gardening and was always willing to share that knowledge with her granddaughter. She loved gardens and always dreamed about going to the garden of Amahara, although she never would leave her own garden behind to find it. She always encouraged Shiemi to be adventurous by telling her about the garden of Amahara and suggesting that she should go search for it when she is older. She was very kind and often put the wants and needs of others before her own.[3]


Shiemi's Grandmother began teaching Shiemi about gardening when she was just a little girl; telling Shiemi that root crops should be planted when the moon is waxing and leaved crops should be planted when the moon is waning. She also used to tell Shiemi a story about the garden of Amahara, a garden containing all the different plants from around the world, and always said how much she wanted to go there someday. Many years later Shiemi's Grandmother asked Shiemi to help cover the grapes because the clouds were coming in, but Shiemi said she would help do it later after she got back from searching for the Amahara garden. Shiemi's Grandmother told her that it sounded like a wonderful idea, told her to be careful, and told her to be back before dark. When Shiemi returned home she found that her Grandmother had attempted to cover the grapes by herself and was laying on the ground, dead.[3]


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