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Seal of Self-protection against Monkeys

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Spiritual Armour
Seal of Self-protection against Monkeys



Hikō-goshin no In

Parent Ability



Chika Minami
Konekomaru Miwa (Anime-Only)
Masato Chigusa
Renzo Shima (Anime-Only)
Ryuji Suguro

Seal of Self-protection against Monkeys (被申護身の印 Hikō-goshin no In; Viz: "Seal of Armored Self-Defense") is a spell used by an Aria to protect themselves.


On (オン) basara (バサラ) gini (ギニ) hara (ハラ) nenhatana (ネンハタナ) sowaka (ソワカ)

Grant us a symbol to protect us from harm, Spiritual Armor.

The user performs one of the above chants and hand signs. Once complete, the barrier manifests in front of them. It is even capable of immediately dispersing low- to medium-class demons.[1][2]

When summoned, additional smaller barriers can be made to manifest without the need for more chanting.[3]


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