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Satoru is a young boy who was taken hostage by a mysterious masked figure.



Satoru is a young boy, appearing to be about 8 years old, with messy hair and wide eyes. He wears a white tank top that has thin, black, horizontal stripes on it and black, knee-length shorts with flip-flops.


Although not seen much, we can tell Satoru has a very jumpy and excited attitude, just like any child. He is seen to have a liking for exorcists and a passion to see exorcists fight. It's very much possible he wants to follow in the footsteps of one.


Kyoto Impure King arc

In the beginning of the Impure King Revival Arc, he hears an exorcism was going to go down and he wanted to watch it. But, his mother held him back, wanting to keep him safe. Being the curious and adventurous boy he is, he runs past the police tape and is held captive by the dark, gas mask wearing demon. After having said that the demon retreated to the building, with Satoru as hostage, Rin, Shura, Yukio, and Saburota find the gas masked demon. Satoru is seen on the floor next to him. His eyes are squeezed shut and giant bumps on the side of his head and shoulder, clearly in pain.

After the demon is exposed to be Saburota, Rin grabs the unconscious Satoru and tries to get out of the building, but Saburota attacks. Flames surround Rin's body, which causes Satoru's bumps to grow, causing him to scream; so Rin drops him. It seems after Saburota disappears, the numbers of bumps were multiplying already. After Yukio vaccinates the bumps, Satoru is taken back to his joyful and teary mother. Satoru only had a tiny bit of bumps left, but he seemed okay.

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