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Chapter 8



Seito Shidō no Aishū

Translated Title

The Sorrow of Student Counseling

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The Sorrow of Student Counseling is the 8th chapter of Kazue Katō's Salaryman Exorcist: The Sorrows of Yukio Okumura


Whilst out jogging, Ryuji Suguro suddenly collapses from a pain in his jaw. Assuming it is a cavity, he berates himself for his inability to look after himself and decides not to tell anyone.

Later, during class, Yukio Okumura asks Ryuji to answer a question, but due to the pain, he's incapable of answering. Due to his pained expression and short attempts to speak, Yukio and the others assume Ryuji is going through a phase of teenage rebellion, prompting Yukio to take desperate measures to attempt to reach him.

Using his book, Ten Tips to Make Students Open their Hearts, Yukio attempts to connect with Ryuji to no avail when Rin Okumura suddenly storms in. Demanding that Ryuji tells him what is wrong, Rin slaps him, causing Ryuji to cry out in pain. Taking a hold of Ryuji's jaw, Rin notices the redness behind his molars and comments that his wisdom teeth must be coming through. Realizing that he hadn't been neglecting his health, Ryuji is relieved and realizing that Ryuji was not acting out, Yukio excuses him.

Returning to his office, Yukio reflects on the fact that violence turned out to be the solution in this situation.

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