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火蜥蜴 (サラマンダー)



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Fire Breath

Kin Iblis
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Chapter 27

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Episode 33

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Salamanders (火蜥蜴 (サラマンダー)  Saramandā) are flame-based Demons that possess lizards. They are classified as kin of Iblis.


Salamanders have streamlined physiques, stubby arms, a row of spikes on their backs, long hind-legs for sprinting, and horned heads similar to that of traditional European dragons. Used as Familiars, they can be summoned from a bonfire with the chant 'Magnus Ignis Pneuma,' which is Greek for 'Great Fire Spirit'.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Fire Breath: Salamanders primary offensive ability seems to be in breathing fire, much like the legends of dragons.[2]


  • Salamanders are a group of lizard-like amphibians in the genus Urodela.
  • Salamanders were long associated with fire in mythology, the author Paracelsus describing it as the Elemental of Fire in Alchemy.


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