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Saburota Todo

藤堂 三郎太


Demon Eater


Male Male




170 cm (5'7")


71 kg (156 lbs.)


October 10th

Hair Color

Black with a white streak on the side

Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Illuminati mark Illuminati

Previous Affiliation

True Cross Order

Previous Occupation

Warden of the Deep Keep
First Year Magic Circles and Seals instructor

Base of Operations

Illuminati Headquarters

Exorcist Information

Upper Second Class



Personal Status


Manga Debut

Chapter 16

Japanese Voice

Kazuhiro Yamaji

Image Gallery

Saburota Todo (藤堂 三郎太 Tōdō Saburōta) is a Demon Eater (悪魔喰い (デーモンイーター)  Dēmon Ītā) and a member of the Illuminati.



Saburota's appearance after consuming Karura

After absorbing Karura, Saburota now looks like a young adult instead of a middle-aged man. This could be contributed by the fact that Karura is like the Phoenix and hence gave him youth. At the same time, Saburota also has wing-like growths near his ears around his cheeks area and enlarged canines and his pupils have become dilated or slit-like. He also does not wear spectacles anymore after they were destroyed partially. He has dark spiky hair with a light tuft protruding from his right side. He now wears a light buttoned-up coat with a belt.

Todou Young

Young Todo

When he was an Exorcist he wore the distinctive black Exorcist coat over a short-sleeved shirt and a stripy tie. In his previous Demon form, he has dark furry feline-like ears with horns protruding from his forehead. After coming in contact with the left eye of the Impure King, one of his eyes have become host to Impure King's left eye. This has now changed after the Impure King awoke.


Saburota is a rather sadistic person. He will manipulate anyone in order to achieve his goals. He seems to have no qualms in killing people too. He turns sour towards anything relating to family relationships because of his past.


When Saburota was young, he consistently tried to do his best in his work as a way to impress his two older brothers and gain recognition from his family members. However, it seems that his older brothers outdid him even more. This led to him being treated differently by his family and a strong hatred towards his older brothers and family members grew because of it. This was the reason he began having ill sentiments about Exorcists and ended up joining forces with the Illuminati.


Impure King Revival arc

Saburota was first shown as another Exorcist sent out to retrieve back the Left Eye of the Impure King. He chases after the culprit, who took a young curious boy as a hostage. He and the other Exorcists corner the culprit. The culprit reveals the Left Eye he had stolen and Saburota tries to stop him. Joined by Shura, Yukio, and Rin, he explains what happened to the culprit and the hostage. He panics, criticizing himself that the robbery of the Left Eye is the worst humiliation to the history of the Order. He wears a protective suit afterwards, citing his health and hence unable to join them. In the end he still decides to join them.

As Yukio found out that the Left Eye held by the culprit is faked, Saburota kicks him in the head. Saburota rips off his protective suit to reveal himself as a Demon. Yukio focuses his attention on the boy, and is kicked once again in the back of the head. He then tells Yukio, that he was once a lot like him and that he had become a Demon. He finally tells Rin and Yukio he was glad to talk to them and disappears into the shadows.

He made Yukio a decoy car which Yukio and his assistants followed, but he had stolen the Left Eye himself. He is then seen talking to Mamushi Hojo on the top of Kyoto Tower, telling her it is the right time to steal the Right eye of the Impure King.

Later, when the Impure King is released, he abandons Mamushi, and leaves. He later reappears to wound Takama as he was about to contain the Impure King. Revealing that he was not really after the Impure King, Toudou takes Karura and consumes it, to Takama's disbelief. Toudou then leaves Takama to die.

When Saburota was about to kill Yukio, he stepped back (he claims he did so instinctively). Saburota was surprised and delighted upon seeing Yukio's eyes glowing with blue flames and knew that there was more of Yukio than being just the twin of Rin. Just as he was about to say more about his 'plan' with Yukio, the other Exorcists arrive.

Juu and him fight, only for Toudou to absorb all of his fire attacks. After a while, however, Toudou's body starts to break down from absorbing all the energy. However, he begins to regenerate, and starts taunting Yukio about his reluctance to affiliate himself with demons. After he is hit by Juu, Yukio comes to his senses, and shoots Toudou with Naiad bullets until his body totally disintegrates.

However, Toudou survives. He is later seen greeting Lucifer on the success of opening the Illuminati's Gehenna Gate.

Illuminati arc

Toudou is not seen throughout the arc, but it becomes evident that he is a high-ranking member. He is shown to be especially interested in Yukio, and gave advice to Lucifer that Yukio is an interesting character.

Aomori arc

Powers & Abilities

Saburōta throwing flames

Saburota throwing knife-shaped flames

Saburota has claimed the titles of Aria, Tamer, and Doctor but has yet to show this. Because of Saburota's Demon abilities, he has faster reflexes.


Saburota is able to regenerate any injuries on his body at a fast speed, almost as fast as Rin's recovery speed. However, his regeneration can be limited somewhat by rain.

Flame Manipulation

Saburota can manipulate the flames he acquired from Karura. He is shown throwing them in a knife-like form towards Yukio and Tatsuma. When being attacked by Ucchusma's fire, he was able to absorb the flames. Wherever he runs or jumps, the flames surround and follow him. He is limited in how much fire he can absorb, as seen when his body began to break down when he absorbed too much of the fire.

Shadow Manipulation

When we first see the fake culprit of the Left Eye's theft, it turns out it was a being made of shadows; returning to it's master, Todou, after it is exposed. Todou is also seen manipulating shadows when he fades into them after speaking to Yukio.

Superhuman Strength

Saburota is seen is to have brute strength.


  • He belongs to a famous family of Exorcists.
  • His Exorcist's license has been revoked.
  • The Order has issued a warrant for his arrest.
  • His pastimes and talents include: Tracking down local Japanese sake brews.
  • His average bath time is 3 hours.
  • His favorite phrase is "Lonely on a straight road" (from the haiku by Santoka Taneda).
  • He doesn't listen to music.
  • He spends his days off with a bowl of soba noodles and a cup of Japanese sake.
  • The streak of white in his hair changes sides from time to time.
  • It can be seen upon close inspection that his glasses are bifocals.[1]


  • (To Yukio Okumura) "It's like I'm seeing my old self when I look at you. The realization that my life's path had been decided before I was even born. For years I was unable to voice my doubts. Like a dog, I worked for the organization...and for my family...I wanted to be like my older brother and father. But what is left for me if I lived like that? Nothing...That's why I decided I would acknowledge these feelings of mine. Despising my older brother...the Organization...and every single thing in this world! And you know what? It felt wonderful once I admitted it. As if all the missing pieces of me just fell into place."[2]
  • (To Yukio Okumura) "There is weakness in everyone's heart. Are you too scared to acknowledge that, I wonder?"[3]
  • (To Yukio Okumura) "Admit it. You think 'this is not fair', 'this suffering... this injustice...', 'I can't take it anymore.'. You truly hate your brother, don't you?"[4]


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