Research Lab for Artificial Life

Research Lab for Artificial Life

Chief: Mephisto Pheles (Former)[1]
Specialty: Laboratory

The Research Lab for Artificial Life is a laboratory located in Poland that is dedicated to the research and creation of artificial life. Originally founded by Mephisto Pheles, he eventually ceded the facility to his disciples before the Vatican declared the research of artificial life forbidden. Igor Neuhaus is a descendant of one of Mephisto's disciples. [1]

The laboratory eventually was destroyed by the True Cross Order, whom had followed Igor to the lab, where upon his return to it, he found out that his wife, Michelle Neuhaus had been resurrected by an unknown party and possessed by a Demon. [2]


The lab contains all manner of equipment used in the research of artificial life. There is also a small arboretum on the grounds of the lab containing various flowers and plants, which is where Igor stumbled upon his resurrected wife. [2]



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