蝦基 (リーパー)



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Emotion Reading

Kin Egyn
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Chapter 4

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Episode 5

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Reapers (蝦基 (リーパー)  Rīpā) are Low-class Demons that possess frogs. They are classified as kin of the Demon King of Water, Egyn.


Reapers exist all over the world in various sizes. In Europe, some grow wings, skip across the water, or generate ultrasonic waves. They are carnivourous, but are placid as a rule. They can look into the eyes of the people around them and read their emotions. If they pick up any fear, sadness, anger, apprehension, or any kind of agitation, they will attack.[1]

At True Cross Academy, they use Reapers for athletic training.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Emotion Reading: Reapers can detect the emotions of humans and react to them in kind. Negative emotions provoking them to attack while a calm demeanour incites no response.[3]


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