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Paku PP
Noriko Paku

朴 朔子


Paku Noriko




Female Female




159 cm (5'3")


47 kg (103 lbs.)


May 21st

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

True Cross Academy

Previous Affiliation

True Cross Order



Base of Operations

True Cross Academy

Personal Status


Manga Debut

Chapter 2

Anime Debut

Episode 3

Japanese Voice

Ao Takahashi

English Voice

Cassandra Morris

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Noriko Paku is a student of the True Cross Academy, as well as a former member of the True Cross Exorcist Cram School.


Paku has short chin length brown hair and purple eyes. She wears the standard school uniform during her classes. Paku's eyes are noticeably small.


Paku is portrayed as fairly soft-spoken, considerate, and possesses a benevolent nature. Even as a child, she has shown prominent signs of her kindness by befriending Kamiki despite what others might think of her. She does not seem to be at all confident in her capabilities as an Exorcist, which is why she admires Kamiki for being such a skilled and talented student. Paku has a strong sense of justice when it comes to friendship and was disappointed when Kamiki was making a fool out of Shiemi, as she only wanted to be their friend.


Paku as a child

Paku as a child

Paku appears to have met Izumo in elementary school. She saw Izumo carrying a stack of boxes and offered to help since they were on the same school committee. Despite Izumo's warning that offering assistance would only cause others to make fun of Paku, she shares Izumo's load and claims that she doesn't care what others think. Izumo even tries to warn Paku that she has a rotten personality, but Paku says that that doesn't matter either. This seems to have spawned a friendship between the two and they continue to be friends to this day.


True Cross Academy arc

She is never seen demonstrating any Exorcist abilities and is always hanging out with Kamiki. When Kamiki made Shiemi her slave, Paku was actually concerned about this and told Shiemi that she has the option to refuse what Kamiki tells her to do. To her surprise, Shiemi happily states that she wants to do these things because she likes helping her friends. When both Paku and Kamiki went to take a bath, Paku confronts Kamiki about how she's been badly treating Shiemi like a slave and tells her she's not a true friend. She also announces her resignation from the cram school classes because she cannot keep up with the classes any longer and she does not think she has the will to fight for her life if she were in danger.

They are afterwards attacked by a Ghoul, which severely burns Paku's arm. Kamiki tries to defend her by summoning her familiars, but was unable to do so due to her conflicting feelings. Rin and Shiemi arrive just in time for Shiemi to treat Paku's Masho with an Aloe plant produced by Shiemi's greenman. After all the events that had occurred, Paku genuinely thanks Shiemi for tending to her wounds. The next day, Rin, Kamiki, and Yukio visit her to see how she's been doing, with Yukio telling her that she has to stay in bed for about two to three more days so that her fever will go down. When Kamiki and Paku are left alone, Kamiki apologizes to Paku for not being a better person and blames herself for Paku's leaving the school. Paku reassures her that she's quitting the cram school on her own volition and it does not change the fact that the two of them are friends. She also tells her that she should not change because she likes Kamiki the way she already is.

Despite quitting the cram school, she continues to attend True Cross Academy with Izumo. She still remains firm friends with Izumo as the two have made up.

True Cross Academy Festival arc

Paku is seen with Izumo while Rinzo ask if they want to eat with their friends.

Illuminati arc

Powers & Abilities

Spectral Awareness: Having performed the Mashō Rite, Noriko has the ability to see Demons.


  • Paku speaks very softly and moves at her own pace.
  • Sometimes when she's alone with Izumo, she'll do a strange dance.
  • Her pastimes and talents are reading classic novels, and looking for cafes and shops with nice atmospheres.
  • Her average bath time is 40 minutes.
  • Her favorite word is 'macaroni' just because she likes the way it sounds.
  • Her favorite genres of music are American/European and Jazz, as well as old Japanese popular music.
  • She spends her days off going back to bed and reading novels in her favorite cafes.
  • When asked what type of guy she prefers, Paku answered that she likes funny guys.
  • What she buys most often at the convenience store is yogurt and tea.
  • When she's unable to sleep at night, she likes looking up amateur performances on video websites.
  • Her favorite types of manga is comedy and love stories.



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