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食屍鬼 (ネクロファジー)



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Necrophage (食屍鬼 (ネクロファジー)  Nekurofajī) is a type of Demon related to Astaroth, the King of Rot.


Necrophage is a type of Demon that possesses humans. Its face appears to be that of the human it has possessed, stretched and distorted somewhat; its mouth, in particular, is large with the lips incapable of closing over a large set of teeth, including prominent canines. The rest of the body takes on a more tubular state for the torso, before branching off into numerous tentacles tipped with small digits used to handle objects.[1]

Behavior-wise, a Necrophage has a tendency to eat dead flesh with a priority over the living, having been shown to round up and eat zombies before attempting to attack live humans, even those with which the Necrophage's host had grievances.[2]

It has also been shown that they are weak against creatures possessing Spirit, or Light, attribute abilities, and take heavy damage from exorcism rites.[3][4]

Powers and Abilities

Necrophage: As their name implies, these Demons seem to subsist off of dead flesh, consuming forms of the undead such as zombies with no apparent drawback.


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