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Naoya Kyodo

経堂 尚哉


Kyōdō Naoya




Male Male

Hair Color


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Base of Operations

Southern Cross Boys' Monastery

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Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Anime Debut

Demons Live in the Human Heart

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Naoya Kyodo (経堂 尚哉 Kyōdō Naoya) is an exorcist and priest living at the Southern Cross Boys' Monastery.


Kyodo is a thin man with close shaved black hair and dark eyes. He wears the typical cassock of a priest along with a bandage wrapped around his right hand. He has a pair of tattoos on the back of each hand.


Kyodo appears to be a generally amicable man like most of the priests at the monastery, but in combat he appears to be very aggressive, pressing his attack with determination.


True Cross Academy arc

Kyodo is first seen at the monastery with the rest of the priests. When Rin has a job interview, Kyodo lends him his old suit in order to go.[1]

In the anime, he is later seen waiting with the others for Rin to return. When Yukio volunteers to go looking for his sibling, the others follow him.[2]

When Astaroth attacks the monastery, Kyodo attempts to fight him, but is quickly defeated.[3]

Meister & Abilities

Spectral Awareness: As he is an Exorcist, Kyodo had to perform the Mashō Rite, thereby allowing him to see Demons.[4]

Kyodo Tattoo

Kyodo's tattoos

Hand to Hand Combat: Kyodo seems to favor fighting with his fists. Using boxing in conjunction with a pair of tattoos on his hands and a chant, he is capable of dispatching lower level demons with single blows.[3] These tattoos are described as magic squares, implying they possess some power, but fail to describe the exact nature of this ability.[5]


  • Kyodo is the oldest priest at the monastery in the anime, though this seems not to be the case in the manga, as Tadashi Misumi seems to be significcantly older than him.


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