Myo Dha Sect
The Myōō Dharani



Myō'ō Dharani




Tatsuma Suguro



The Myōō Dharani (明王陀羅尼宗 Myō'ō Dharani), also known as the Vidyaraja Dharani or the Myō Dha sect, was founded by the monk Fukaku, and was originally a separate Exorcist group which focused on Buddhism, but eventually merged with the True Cross Order 10 years ago.

Fukaku is primarily remembered for his victory against the Impure King 140 years ago (with the Karura infused Kurikara), where he separated the heart of the Demon into two halves, known now as the Left and Right Eyes of the Impure King. For this reason, the establishment and progression of the Myōō Dharani sect is exclusively for the prevention, and if necessary, subjugation of the Impure King, should it be revived again.

The Myōō Dharani sect were a group of specialised Exorcists which excelled in the exorcism of Demons. Almost half of the Kyoto Branch's Exorcists hail from the Myōō Dharani sect.

The head of the Myōō Dharani sect is Suguro Tatsuma, addressed with the honorific of Most High Priest.



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