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Mecha Warrior St. Gaia

超機兵 セントガイア


Chō-ki-hei Sentogaia



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Professional Status

True Cross Order




Nemu Takara

Base of Operations

True Cross Academy

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Manga Debut

Chapter 48

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Mecha Warrior St. Gaia (超機兵 セントガイア Chō-ki-hei Sentogaia) is a Galatea and Nemu Takara's familiar. A transforming robot toy (変態ロボット玩具 Hentai Robotto Gangu) that Takara first summons at 1/18-scale model (1/18モデル等倍 1/18 Moderu Tōbai).[1]


St. Gaia appears as a giant, disproportionate machine with forearms and shins nearly as big as its chest. It has a relatively small head with two drill-like cones sticking up from it as horns.


St. Gaia seems to possess virtually no personality, but does reply when battling Yamantaka with a vocalisation of "GAPIPI". [2]


True Cross Academy Festival arc

During the True Cross Academy festival, Takara confronts Izumo Kamiki. When he reveals the truth about his nature as moderator to the Exwire class, she goes to fight him and Takara summons St. Gaia in response. It quickly dispatches Uke and Mike before pursuing Izumo. However, before it can capture her, Renzo Shima interferes.[3]

Fighting Shima, the Exwire summons Yamantaka in response. Using his familiar's black flames, the demon spirit possessing St. Gaia is destroyed and the toy returns to normal.[4]

Powers & Abilities

St. Gaia is geared heavily towards physical combat, using its overwhelming size and strength to defeat smaller enemies instantly.

  • St. Gaia Rocket Punch (セントガイアロケットパンチ Sentogaia Rokettopanchi): Both fists are fired in a straight path.[5]
  • St. Gaia Missile Punch (セントガイアミサイルパンチ Sentogaia Misairupanchi): The fired fist follows the target's movements.[6]


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