Kyoto Branch Office

Kyoto Branch Office

Chief: Yaozo Shima
Organization: True Cross Order
Specialty: Sealing
Guardian: Uwabami Hojo

The Kyoto Branch Office is the local offices of the True Cross Order within Kyoto.


While a much smaller facility than the main Japan branch in True Cross Academy, the Kyoto office still maintains several independent sections.

Toraya Ryokan

A local hotel run by Torako Suguro, wife of the Most High Priest of the Myōō Dharani. It provides much of the funding for the sect, and in turn the Kyoto Branch.[1]


The Shinbu, or Inner Recesses of the Kyoto Branch. Not as large as True Cross Academy's Saishinbu, it was originally a barrier of equivalent power.[2] Uwabami Hojo heads the Shinbu, his daughters guarding it on a regular basis.[3] It is within the Shinbu that the Right Eye of the Impure King was originally sealed.


The original headquarters of the Myōō Dharani. It is a mountain temple that was abandoned after the Blue Night.[4] Hidden within the Goumadou shrine at its centre, the body of the Impure King was sealed.[5]



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