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Kurikara (倶利加羅 (クリカラ)  Kurikara) also referred to as the Kouma Sword, is a Demon-slaying sword (降魔剣 Kōmaken). It was originally held by the Myōō Dharani sect until it was given to Shiro Fujimoto. It currently holds Rin Okumura demon heart and used as his main weapon.


The Kurikara is a katana that is originally the personal weapon of Fukkaku, the founder of the Myōō Dharani sect. After it came under possession of Rin, Kurikara is often in a red sheath on Rin's back. Because Shiro's command to keep Kurikara with him at all times Rin even sleeps with it at night.

Ucchumusa Kirikura

Ucchumusa possessing Kurikara

The katana was made to house demons and at first housed the fire demon Karura and later Shiro used it to seal awy Rin´s demon heart. Despite containing Rin´s demon heart it still possess the ability to house demons as shown when the fire demon Ucchusma possessed it to use Rin´s blue flames in order to purify the Impure King.

Because it contains Rin´s demon heart, unsheathing Kurikara restore his Demonic nature and powers. Mephisto explains that this is because a demons heart is the source of its powers and when displaying it allows one to draw out one´s true power. But unsheathing Kurikara also leaves Rin vulnerable as it is also his vital part, thus destroying the blade could kill Rin.[1] After learning to control his powers, Rin uses the Kurikara to channel his blue flames for attacks.


Kurikara was forged long ago to protect Kyoto from vengeful spirits who ran rampant. The founder of the sect, Fukaku, infused the Demon Karura inside the blade and with it, brought down the Impure King around 140 years ago. However, according to legends, Karura left the sword afterwards. It then acted as the sects main object of worship.

Shiro Fujimoto was taksed by Mephisto Pheles to retrieve the sword in order to "kill a child" with it and he initially intended to steal it, but after Shiro helped cure the sect from a Miamasa plague he received Kurikara from Tatsuma Suguro as thanks for his help.

Shiro used the blade, with the aid of Mephisto, to seal Rin Okumura's Demon heart into the Kurikara at birth, thus fusing it with his blue flames inherited from Satan. This let Rin stay a human for 15 years until the sword could no longer contain that power after which it came into Rin´s possession.

In the anime, during Rin's battle with Amaimon during the ExWire's training in the forest, Kurikara was damaged and cracked. This allowed Rin's powers to overflow and the sword was no longer able to restrain his demon heart and nature from taking over. Using nails that contain special metal from the temple destroyed on Blue Night, a female blacksmith is able to restore the sword, but warns Rin that it is not perfectly restored and that it could break again with no way to fix it.



  • Kurikara takes its name from the sword wielded by Acala in myth.


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