Kono Te de (Single)


Title Kono Te de
Kanji コノ手デ
Release Date February 15, 2017

Kono Te de (コノ手デ) is a single release by Rin Akatsuki containing the 3rd ending theme of the Blue Exorcist anime series. It was released in 3 editions: a Limited Edition with a music video DVD, an Anime Edition with a Blue Exorcist-themed digipak, and a Regular Edition. The Anime Edition also included a booklet featuring stills from the ending theme video for the song from the anime.

The Anime Edition includes the TV edit version of Kono Te de, the shorter version of the song that was used in the ending credits video for the Second Season: Kyoto Saga.

Anime Edition Information

Record Label
Sony Music Labels
Catalog Code
Anime Edition Tracklist
  1. コノ手デ Kono Te de
  2. コノ手デ -TV edit- Kono Te de -TV edit-
  3. コノ手デ -Instrumental- Kono Te de -Instrumental-


  • Kono Te de is Rin Akatsuki's 2nd single in her discography.

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