魍魎王 (コークス)



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Kin Astaroth
Manga Debut

Chapter 38

Anime Debut

Episode 2

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Koks (魍魎王 (コークス)  Kōkusu) are mid to high level demons and kin of the King of Rot, Astaroth.


A demon that possesses fungi and are an amalgamation of Coal Tars.[1]


Koks appear as large black masses, possessing the pointed horn-like protrusions of Coal Tars, large round eyes and thin, stick-like arms. They're roughly the height of an adult human.[2]

Powers and Abilities

While a Koks has yet to be seen actively engaged in combat or using their abilities, it is said that one composed of even the most low level Coal Tars can be a formidable opponent.[3]


  • While named Koks in the English release, the demon's Japanese name, 魍魎王 (コークス) , translates directly as Coke, a coal derived fuel, giving the obvious association with Coal Tars.
  • While first seen in Chapter 38 of the manga, the demon was not named until Chapter 73.


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