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Izumo Kamiki



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October 11th

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True Cross Academy



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True Cross Academy

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Tamamo Kamiki (Mother)
Tsukumo Kamiki (Sister)

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Chapter 2

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Episode 3

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Eri Kitamura

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Kira Buckland

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Izumo Kamiki (神木出雲 Kamiki Izumo) is a female student at the Exorcism Cram School of True Cross Academy. Strong-willed, and something of a "tsundere (hot/cold personality)". She comes from a long line of shrine maidens, and was born with Heian Period noblewoman-like eyebrows. Although a top student, she is quite condescending towards her classmates, both in actions and words.


Izumo has dark red eyes and long dark purple hair, which she usually keeps in a twintails or a ponytail hairstyle. Her most notable trait would be her small, oval shaped eyebrows, which is why Rin Okumura calls her by the nickname polkabrows. Her outfit is primarily the school uniform. She has also been called "cute" by a young boy living near the beach.


Izumo maintains a very tsundere attitude most of the time, though it's mostly tsun and less dere. She is very cold and condescending towards those around her except for her friend Paku. She takes advantage of Shiemi, when Shiemi asks to be her friend, by essentially making Shiemi her servant. Paku, distraught that Izumo was taking advantage of an honest person, finally admitted to Izumo that she does not consider Izumo to be a true friend. However, she does occasionally show kindness. She was the first Exwire to accept Rin after learning that he was the son of Satan. She sat next to him on the train to Kyoto when no one else would. In the anime, she encouraged him on his candle training when he was frustrated. She is quite considerate even though she does not appear that way. She easily loses confidence when she sees her friends in distress but has slowly learned to stay calm and composed during battles.


Izumo was born in Inari, a sacred land that had been under the protection of the Byakko for generations. Izumo was a member of the Kamiki family, a family of mediums whose purpose was to quell the Nine-tails, a powerful Demon that was sealed within a stone known as the "Life-Taking Stone " which had the power to revive the dead and kill any who approached it. Because her family had interbred with the Byakko, Izumo was born with demonic blood. Because it had been many years since the Kamiki family was created, the Demon blood line had become so thin that there was now no difference between Izumo and a regular human. Izumo lived in the Inari shrine with her mother Tamamo and younger sister Tsukumo. Izumo's mother was the head priestess of the Inari Shrine at the time, and was charged with appeasing the spirit of the Nine-tails through a dance known as "Kamioroshi". Because of her Demon blood Izumo was able to see Demons while others could not. This caused her to be isolated for most of her childhood and, with the exception of Paku, grew up with no other friends. This caused Izumo to be distrustful of other people and she convinced herself that she couldn't rely on anyone. One day, while Izumo was attempting to imitate the Kamiroshi, she was approached by a strange short man named Michael Gedōin, a blonde woman, and two other gentlemen dressed in black. The woman said that they were from an organization known as the Illuminati. She then revealed that she was able to see the Byakko much to Izumo's shock, and said they came to research the Life-Taking Stone and asked if she could talked to her about it. Izumo was suspicious of the group and refused, but before she could leave the woman gave her a card with her name and number and said if anything happens to call them. Soon after Izumo began to notice a change in her mother's behaviour and began to grow concerned. Her suspicons were correct when one night she discovered her mother had been possessed by the Nine-tails who then tried to kill Izumo and Tsukumo. The Byakko protected Izumo and Tsukumo which gave them a chance to flee. Hurt and desperate, Izumo contacted Maria Yoshida and the possessed Tamamo was captured and Izumo and Tsukumo were taken into the Illuminati's custody under false promises of protection, unbeknown to them their mother was being brutally tortured and experimented on. After ten days in captivity, Izumo woke to find Tsukumo missing and was told by a remorseful Maria Yoshida that she had put her up for adoption in order to protect her. She then told Izumo to wait for her to come back so they could escape together but Izumo refused to trust her and tried to escape on her own. She was quickly caught and Maria was mercilessly executed in front of Izumo for her treachery. After witnissing the Illinati's cruelty Izumo agreed to do whatever they asked of her as long as they left Tsukumo alone.


True Cross Academy arcEdit

Training Camp arcEdit

Filler arcEdit

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Impure King Revival arcEdit

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  • Her pastimes and talents are: collecting clothes and trinkets, studying, reading girls' manga & novels and going shopping.
  • Izumo hates the way she gets a crease between her eyebrows when reading, studying, or thinking hard.
  • Her average bath time is 50 minutes.
  • Her favorite music genres are: Pop, Rock and Japanese.
  • Her favorite words are: "Evening calm".
  • She spends her days off reading fashion magazines, girls' manga, novels, and going shopping.
  • In the special episode 'Kuro no Lede' and the 7th anime omake, Izumo has shown a great love of cats. Whenever she encounters Kuro when she is alone, she blushes and fusses over him: feeding, petting, and attempting to play with him.


  • (To Shiemi Moriyama) "Hold it. Friends help each other right? You should understand."
  • (While Summoning) "稲荷神(いなりのかみ)に 恐(かしこ)み 恐(かしこ)み白(もう)す 為(な)す所(ところ)の願(ねが)いとして 成就(じょうじゅ)せずということなし!" "I humbly call the Gods of Harvest. Follow my wishes, leave none unfulfilled!"
  • (To Renzo Shima about Uke and Mike) "I...I thought of them as my brothers..."[1]
  • (To herself about her relationship with her fellow Exwires) "Why did I get angry? I hate these bastards. We have completely different ways of thinking. Each and every last one of them. They're all bastards who only do whatever they want. Just being with them makes me furious, yet...yet I...when these guys are fighting...I always hated it because...I...loved them. I truly loved everyone so much. Loved so much and notice it only now...its too late. I'm an idiot."[2]


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