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The Impure King (不浄王 Fujō Ō) is an exceptionally strong decay Demon,[1] and is the sworn enemy of the Burning Impurity Kongo, Ucchusma.[2] It is classified as kin of Astaroth and seems also to be related to the Impure Princess.



140 years in the past, during the last days of Edo and in the fifth year of the Ansei Era, the Impure King is said to have spread a plague of miasma, decay and fever that killed over 40,000 people. A monk named Fukaku suppressed the Demon and removed its Heart, splitting it into two halves as proof of having subdued it, which would come to be known as the Impure King's "eyes".[3] The body of the Impure King was hidden away beneath the Myōō Dharani sect's original headquarters,[4] while the left and right eyes were stored away in the True Cross Academy's Saishinbu and the Kyoto Branch Office, respectively.[5][6]


Kyoto Impure King arc

  • Left Eye of the Impure King
  • Right Eye of the Impure King
  • Right Eye of the Impure King Sealed
  • Right Eye of the Impure King Colored
  • Left Eye of the Impure King Colored
In present time, both the Left Eye and Right Eye are currently being held under the surveillance and possession of the True Cross order with the help of the Myoda sect. Saburota Todo, having stolen the Left Eye, manipulated Mamushi Hojo of the Myoda sect into stealing the remaining Right Eye for him, allowing him to implant them both into the previously sealed body of the Impure King at the Goma-do (Devil Conquering Shrine), reviving it in the process. But during this Tatsuma Suguro arrived and revealed his familiar Karura, a fire Demon that holds a contract with the descendants of the high priest Fukaku. Even though he was able to put up a good fight, Tatsuma was ultimately defeated by Todo who forcibly absorbed the Karura by physically swallowing it, physically empowering him and as a side effect, rewinds his age. While this fight was taking place, the Impure King was already growing to a massive size as it prepared to finish what it started 140 years ago.

Whether or not The Impure King is being controlled, or capable of acting from free will has yet to be seen.

Powers & Abilities

To this day the eyes continue to give off a strong 'Miasma' (Demonic energy) so even now they are extremely dangerous. It is said that if the left eye and the right eye are together, they will spread a new, even more dangerous and noxious miasma.


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