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緑男 (グリーンマン)



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A Greenman (緑男 (グリーンマン)  Gurīnman) is a low to middle ranked Demon that is small, docile and is classified as kin of Amaimon.

Powers and Abilities

A Greenman has the ability to grow plants of any sort from their body. This can be very useful in offensive techniques as well as defensive ones. Greenmen have demonstrated the ability to create a cocoon of branches in order to protect someone. They can also grow healing and helping plants out of their bodies, which can be useful at a crucial time.

Plants Able to be Produced

  • Aloe (蘆薈 (アロエ)  Aroe): This plant is used to treat burns and masho.[1]
  • Liverworts, hornworts, whisk ferns, common horsetails, adder's tongues: These plants are effective against bacterial Demons, like the Impure King.[2]
  • Tengu hornbeam (天狗垂 (テングシデ)  Tengushide): The branches of this hardwood tree form a tangled wall.[3]
  • Non-sticky and sticky rice (粳と糯の稲 Uruchi to Mochi no Ine): It is first grown to appease Uke and Mike.[4]
  • Chorogi (Chinese Artichoke): Greenmen are able to produce Chorogi.
  • Japanese Lantern Plant: Greenmen are able to produce Japanese Lantern Plants, which gathers spirits into its fruit pouches.
  • White Rowan: This plant was used as a fire retardant shield.


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