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Goblins (ゴブリン Goburin) are Demons that possess small animals like mice and moles.[1] They are classified as kin of Amaimon.


Goblins are low level Demons that usually live in colonies controlled by a king or queen. They tend to avoid bright places populated by humans, but will grow agitated and ferocious if they catch the scent of Rotten Animal Blood. When mixed with a large amount of milk, which they are fond of, the rotten blood can also be used to lure them out.[2]

There are several kinds of Goblins, including hobgoblin (小鬼 (ホブゴブリン)  Hobugoburin).


Goblins typically have small, round bodies with short, stubby hind legs and thick forelegs which they run on and use to grasp things akin to a primate. They come in various colors and sizes; the dominant King or Queen wears a crown to symbolize their position.

Powers and Abilities

As their Demonic powers are weak, Goblins are only capable of causing mischief, but on rare occasions, a large-scale Goblin with devastating powers emerges from their midst. A known example is Behemoth. When agitated, they can also become quite threatening, attacking recklessly.


  • Goblins are legendary creatures from European folklore, they vary in temperament depending on the tale, but are often mischievous.


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