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Exorcist rank chart

Rank Chart

An Exorcist is an individual with the abilities and training to combat Demons. Throughout the history of Assiah, there have been many different groups of Exorcists that protect humanity against these malevolent entities.


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Before becoming an Exorcist, the individual begins as a Page, learning the most basic elements of exorcism and Demonology.

Exwire Edit

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Exwires are student-Exorcists ranked directly above a Page. To become an Exwire, a Page must pass the Exwire Authorization Exam. The exam consists of both written tests and a field test, which determines the class' overall combat abilities and teamwork skills. Exwires still attend classes, but are able to perform non-combat missions, such as maintenance and errand running.


Essentially the most basic qualification for any aspiring Exorcist, the term meister refers to the particular combat skill(s) an Exorcist possesses. While many choose to specialize in only one area of combat, it is possible to obtain a meister in more than one category. For example, Shiro Fujimoto was a meister in every category. There are five categories of meister:


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Exorcists who can summon and control Demons to fight on their master's behalf. These Demons are called "familiars." In order to summon a familiar, a magic circle is needed; it can be drawn on the ground or on paper, or even tattooed onto the Exorcist's skin. A blood offering is made onto the circle, along with an incantation. However, if the magic circle is erased or torn (on paper), it loses its effect and the familiar disappears.

It has been noted that the talent to be a Tamer is rare, since sheer spiritual fortitude is needed to tame the Demon; natural talent is also essential. If the Tamer lacks confidence, the familiar will attack the summoner. Tamers can summon more than one familiar at a time and multiple Tamers may summon a single powerful Demon.


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A meister who uses a melee weapon in combat. Meisters that have the title of "Knight" are able to use Demon blades as their weapons. So far most Knights seen are quite formidable and skilled.


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Meisters that fight using firearms. Dragoons are notable in that they use relatively modern technology in combat, compared to Knights or Aria. Within this field, Exorcists can fight using anything from handguns and rifles to bazookas.


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Many Demons have weak points known as a "Fatal Verse", in which an Exorcist recites a specific passage from holy scripts that causes their death. An Aria fights by finding a Demon's "Fatal Verse" and recites holy texts effectively, ranging from the Bible to other holy scriptures. Arias must have a talent in memorizing, however they are completely defenseless; as soon as they begin to recite the Demon's "Fatal Verse", the Demon will attempt to attack the meister to stop the recital.


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A meister who has the knowledge to heal wounds and injuries inflicted by Demons.

Paladin Edit

Upper First ClassEdit

Upper Second ClassEdit

Middle First ClassEdit

Middle Second ClassEdit

Lower First ClassEdit

  • None

Lower Second ClassEdit

Honorary Knight (Chancellor)Edit

Arc KnightEdit


The currently strongest Exorcist, only one person can hold this title at a time.

Exorcists who are known to have held or hold the title Paladin:


  • Exwire is pronounced as i'skwl(-u)r or esquire, probably the main reason of being spelled as 'Exwire'. It is defined as an shield bearer to a knight or simply a meister candidate.
  • Meister means master in German.

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