Er Stopfen
Er Stopfen

時よ止まれ (エルストフヴェン)



Parent Ability

Time-Space Manipulation


Mephisto Pheles

Er Stopfen (時よ止まれ (エルストフヴェン)  Erusutofuven) is a technique used by Mephisto Pheles.


A barrier, that once erected, stops all time from passing within.[1] When cast, Mephisto stands atop a giant ornate clock in the center, along with four keys placed around the perimeter which seem to be clocks also. It seems to be sustainable for four to five months, but not without considerable strain on Mephisto. [2] Mephisto first uses this technique to seal off the Particle Accelerator in hopes of slowing down the spread of the artificial Gehenna Gate within the facility. [3]


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