The Immortality Elixir (不老不死 (エリクサー)  Erikusā; literally meaning "Eternal Youth") are a series of experiments carried out by the Illuminati in an attempt to create a vessel that would survive being possessed by Satan.

Elixir #1021

Elixir 1021

Elixir #1021 was the first new substance created through the experiments on Tamamo Kamiki. One of the many immortality elixirs created by the Eastern Laboratory, if it had worked correctly, it would bestow immortality. However, if not, it would attack the central nervous system and slowly turn bodily tissue necrotic. It was originally tested on Maria Yoshida.[1]

Elixir #1117

Elixir 1117

Elixir #1117 was one of the later developments in the pursuit of the Immortality Elixir. While it did not achieve the desired result, it did serve to sustain Lucifer's body without degradation or necrosis.[2]


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