Das Stärkste Gefängnis
Das Stärkste Gefängnis

一番防御力が高い牢屋 (ダスシュタルクステゲフェングニス)


Dasu Shutarukusute Gefengunisu

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Time Stop

Kin Mephisto Pheles
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Das Stärkste Gefängnis (一番防御力が高い牢屋 (ダスシュタルクステゲフェングニス)  Dasu Shutarukusute Gefengunisu; Ger: "The Strongest Prison") is a class of Demon related to the King of Time, Mephisto Pheles.


A demon summoned by Mephisto in order to contain Rin Okumura, it is a stationary metal box with entrances on both sides. The door can open for a large metal claw to grab the target of the Gefängnis.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Time Stop: Das Stärkste Gefängnis can freeze time for those who approach it with ill intent.[2]

Pocket Dimension: The interior of Das Stärkste Gefängnis contains a field of broken gears and debris that is larger than its outer dimensions.[3]



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