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Core Pride


Band UVERworld
Opening Song # 01
Starting Episode Episode 1
Ending Episode Episode 12
Opening Song Guide

CORE PRIDE is the 1st opening theme of the Blue Exorcist anime. It is performed by UVERworld and can be found in their single release of the same name.


Japanese Lyrics (Full Version)

生を受け それぞれが人生を謳歌
脳のブラックボックスを知る それは幸か?
さぁ行こうか 踏み出す それは今日だ

やっぱ日々は如何せん こう
そつなく過ごしてちゃ NO NO

ストップ 流れを見極めな

理解もせず 押さえつけようとしてきた
嫌いで 許せなかった

どうしたって 叶わない絵空事だろうが
この胸の火 それが「プライド」



本当に殴るべき相手は そんな自分だろ


どうしたって やっぱ一人の夜は
そんな俺と分かり合おうとしてくれる君が居るなら もっと強くなれる

もうどうなったて良い 格好悪くたって良い
どうしたって 変えれない運命だと言われても
まだ俺は変われる 自分で変えてみせる

これが そう「プライド

まだまだ消えるな 心の火を
まだ忘れたくない 胸の熱さを
まだまだ消えるな 心の火を
まだまだ行けるぞ 行けるぞ

Romanized Lyrics (Full Version)

Sei wo uke sorezore ga jinsei wo ouka Nou no burakku bokkusu wo shiru sore wa kou ka? You wa rimitto rain wo subete ryouga Saa ikou ka fumidasu sore wa kyou da

Yappa hibi wa ikan sen kou sotsu naku sugoshicha no no

STOP! nagare wo mikiwamena mazu mono to mo sezu ikou ze

Todokanu mono ya kagiri aru mono ni atsuku naru mune wo osaetsukeru no wa Rikai mo sezu osaetsukeyou to shite kita Kirai de yurusenakatta ano otonatachi to onaji jan ka yo

Dou shitatte kanawanai esoragoto darou ga Mune wo moyasu hi wa dare ni mo kese ya shinai Sora kara furu kuroi ame ga kono mi wo nurashi furiyamanakutomo Mada kese wa shinai kono mune no hi sore ga “puraido”

Yohou doori ni furidashita ame yosou ijou ni nakama wa atsumatta Otagai no hibi ya shourai no hanashi de atsuku natte naguriai ni natta

Juugo no koro mo fuan kara nogareru you ni Onaji you na koto de naguriatta koto omoidashite Omae ga waraidasu kara kawatte nai na... tte ore mo fukidashitan da

Souyatte iji hatte Funbatte ikite nakucha jikan no nagare sae mo kowaku naru Hontou ni naguru beki aite wa sonna jibun darou Tadaima wa maketakunai jibun ni makenai “puraido”

STOP! nagare wo mikiwamena mazu mono to mo sezu ikou ze STOP! nagare wo mikiwamena mazu mono to mo sezu ikou ze

Dou shitatte yappa hitori no yoru wa jibun no koto sae mo wakaranaku naru Sonna ore to wakariaou to shite kureru kimi ga iru nara motto tsuyoku nareru

Mou dou nattatte ii kakkou warukutatte ii Shinimono gurai de mirai wo kaete yaru Dou shitatte kaerarenai unmei da to iwaretemo Mada ore wa kawareru jibun de kaete miseru

Kore ga sou “puraido” sorezore no basho de...

Madamada kieru na kokoro no hi wo Mada wasuretakunai mune no atsusa wo Madamada kieru na kokoro no hi wo Madamada ikeru zo ikeru zo

English Lyrics (TV Version)

After birth, people live as they wish
Then they learn the black box in their head; is that bliss?
Just cross over, beyond the line of your limit
Let’s go, take a step, and I mean this minute.

Life’s a bitch, so if it’s easy, you’re doing it wrong
Stop, which way is the world going? Then ignore it and go wherever (here we go).

There are things I could never have, things with time
Is there a reason I force my heart upon them?
I never tried to understand, I just forced it on them
I’m no better than those lifeless adults.

Even if it’s just a pipe dream I could never have
But no one can put out the fire in my heart
The black rain may pour hard and leave me drenched
But I know I can change, I will change myself

This is my pride, what makes up my core.

I won’t let my fire be put out; not yet
I’ll keep going, and I’ll never stop.

Oh baby, my pride!

English Lyrics (Full Version)

Born into the world, each enjoying his own life, discovering the black box in his this bliss?
The important thing is to surpass your limit line. Shall we go? Take your step, and outdo yourself today!

But what should we do with our days? Trying to live flawlessly is a big no no.
Stop! Observe thoroughly the flow of the world! Ignore everything else, and here we go!

If I try to suppress my heart, which is burning hot about things that are unobtainable or constrained,
how am I different from those adults, whom I have come to despise and will never forgive
for their constant attempt to pin me down blindly without even understanding why?

No matter what I do, it'll probably forever remain a pipe dream that will never come true,
but the fire burning in my heart cannot be doused by anyone.
Even if the black rain falling from the sky drenches me completely and doesn't stop,
I will never allow the fire in my heart to be extinguished. That, is my "pride".

It started pouring, as predicted. A lot more buddies gathered around than I had expected.
While talking about one another's days and futures, we became impassioned and started a fist fight.

Thinking back about how we were also fist-fighting the same way
back when we were only 15, as a means to quell our anxiety and uneasiness,
you laughed and said, "You haven't changed a bit..." So I ended up bursting into laughter as well.

If we don't stubbornly stand our ground like this, even the flow of time will become a scary thing.
The only true opponent whom I should hit is really my prideful self.
But still, I don't want to lose right now. I have "pride" not to lose to myself.

Stop! Observe thoroughly the flow of the world! Ignore everything else, and here we go!
Stop! Observe thoroughly the flow of the world! Ignore everything else, and here we go!

No matter what I do, when I'm alone at night, I become even unable to understand myself.
When you're with me, and we try to understand each other, then I'll be able to become stronger.

I don't care how things turn out, and I don't care if I'll look uncool,
I will desperately try to change my future.
Even If I'm told that my destiny is immutable no matter what I do,
I myself can still change, and I will prove to you that I can change myself.

This is, that's right, "pride", each in its own place...

Don't perish yet, the fire in my heart.
I don't want to forget yet, the heat in my chest.
Don't perish yet, the fire in my heart.

I can still keep going, so here I go!

Watch it Now

Ao no exorcist Opening 1 sub español01:30

Ao no exorcist Opening 1 sub español

Anime Opening Theme

青の祓魔師 OP 『CORE PRIDE』女性Vocalにしてみた04:18

青の祓魔師 OP 『CORE PRIDE』女性Vocalにしてみた.mp4

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