Chimera zombie
Chimera Zombie

異形屍人 (キメラゾンビ)


Kimera Zonbi

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Primary Ability

Accelerated Regeneration

Kin Astaroth
Manga Debut

Chapter 56

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Chimera Zombies (異形屍人 (キメラゾンビ)  Kimera Zonbi) are a type of artificial Demon.[1]


A Chimera Zombie is a Zombie that has been injected with an experimental Elixir and is made up of multiple bodies, giving them abnormal regenerative abilities that makes them nearly impossible to defeat. This type of Zombie is artificially produced and is a result of Michael Gedōin's experiments on Tamamo Kamiki.

However, as they are merely the failures in the Illuminati's pursuit of immortality, their abilities are as much a bane as a boon, allowing them to be brought down with careful planning.[2]

Powers & Abilities

Accelerated Regeneration: The primary ability of the Chimera Zombies is their ability to rapidly heal from any injury, to the point where their wounds will actually close over and absorb other material, including other zombies.


  • The Chimera was an monster from Greek mythology composed of parts from various animals.


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