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Chapter 60


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Just Being Together

English Title

Just Being Around Them Irritates Me


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Just Being Around Them Irritates Me is the 60th chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

As Rin and Renzo battle, the rest of the group attempts to flee from the enormous Zombie mutated by Gedōin. Elsewhere, Izumo performs the Divine Summoning ceremony to draw the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit from her mother, in an attempt to assimilate it into her being and gain control of it. However, the beast proves too strong, and Izumo's body quickly begins degrading from its presence. As she struggles to retain her body and spirit, Izumo ponders all of her life's decisions, and comes to terms with her own feelings, recalling all of the precious people she had come to accept as her friends. Casting aside her pride and crying out for help, Izumo's efforts are rewarded by the arrival of an enraged Rin breaking through the chamber ceiling.


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  • Knight (騎士, ナイト, Naito)

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True Cross Academy Festival arc Illuminati arc Exorcist Exam arc

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