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Chapter 53


Translated Title

This is the Real Me

English Title

This Is the Real Me


Illuminati arc

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This Is the Real Me is 53rd chapter of Kazue Katō's Ao no Exorcist.

Continuing with the recollection, Mike tells the group that Tamamo was captured by the Illuminati, and that she was subjected to a fate worse than death. Rin, after hearing what Mike had to say, concludes that they just need to barge into the Illuminati's base and save Izumo. As they leave, Mike recalls what happened after Izumo was brought to the base: her sister was smuggled out of the base and was adopted, Maria Yoshida was murdered for her treasonous act, and Izumo was blackmailed into being the replacement for her mother when she eventually has no use, causing her to lose faith in humanity. Back in the present, Izumo prepares for her physical examination with a look of anguish etched upon her face.


Characters in Order of Appearance

Demons in Order of Appearance

  1. Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit (flashback)
  2. Byakko

Battles & Events

  • Tamamo Kamiki's Possession (flashback; concluded)

Meister, Weapons and Abilities used

Meister used

Weapons used

Abilities used

  • Second-Class Taming (手騎士二種 Teimā Nishu)

Techniques used

  • None

Items used


True Cross Academy Festival arc Illuminati arc Exorcist Exam arc

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